The independent art consultancy ART VON WERT is your partner if you want to realize optimal results for works of art, collections or estates on the art market. We advise competently, discreetly and independently and look forward to your enquiry. In addition, ART VON WERT is happy to advise if you want to re-focus or build up your collection. ART VON WERT will expertly evaluate your art works or collection.

Selling your art

You wish to sell your art-work or your collection but do not know how to go about in the best and most secure way. This is hardly surprising as the art market is highly complex and involves many risks. Only with the necessary experience and knowledge of the market can these be avoided.

We take care of the optimal sale of your art on the art market and achieve the best results for you. We place your art in auctions or with private collectors, taking international market results into our consideration.

Our independence guarantees your success

The optimal price can only be achieved through independent consultation and placement. Dealers and auction houses follow their own interests: while an auction house wants to fill its own sale catalogue, a dealer will only ever pay the lowest possible purchase price.


ART VON WERT is in close contact to auction houses, galleries and collectors. The ART VON WERT network further includes many internationally renowned art experts who will be drawn on in concrete cases, such as the authentication of art works. Moreover other specialists, such as restorers, surveyors and lawyers are connected into the network to answer any questions which may arise concerning your art.

Individual analysis and optimal sale strategy

To reach the optimal sale result, it is vital to have a prior individual analysis of the art work or the collection. The sale strategy which rests on this will clarify where and how your art should ideally be offered. We constantly observe current market developments and create market prognoses. Which artist is sought after internationally, which art work would benefit more from a regional positioning? Are specific collectors interested in your art works especially?

All these questions can be answered by ART VON WERT individually. Because every art work is unique and requires its individual strategic concept to achieve the best possible sale result.


The world does not need to know that you are selling an art work or a collection. ART VON WERT guarantees you the highest possible discretion.

Art advisory

  • You are looking for a trustworthy and competent partner for questions regarding your art collection?
  • You would like to know the current market value of your art collection or inheritance?
  • You would like to invest in art to further or to re-focus your collection and would like to be advised by independent market experts in this?
  • Individual and personal consultation is as important to you as a the best and profit-oriented sale strategy for your art works?
  • Transparency, discretion and dependability are central values to you?

Please contact us.

We advise in all matters concerning art and collections. Our offer is directed especially at private and public collectors as well as their heirs and estate-trustees.

Art evaluation

You would like to know the actual value of your collection or of individual objects in your possession? Avoid false evaluations!

ART VON WERT will estimate and evaluate your art free of charge.
The independent evaluation will be done quickly, discreetly and without obligation to you by our consultants and experts on the basis of current market analysis and international price data-bases. Simply send us photos and details of the relevant art works via our contact-form or directly to info@artvonwert.de

So that you will know the true value of your art.

No task is too big or too small for us. We therefore look forward to hearing from you.


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